Isotemp Slim Water Heaters-20L

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The ‘Slim’ water heaters have been designed especially for use onboard boats where space is at a premium. The ‘Slim’ range is smallerin diameter than previous Isotemp models and are available in threesizes, 15, 20 or 25 litres. Made from the highest quality stainless steel(AISI316), the Isotemp ‘Slim’ range have a higher temperature retentionthan most water heaters thanks to the quality of its insulation. Thismeans that the temperature loss is less than 0.5ºC per hour, keepingwater hotter for longer.The water is heated up by a large internal coil for engine water or by animmersion heater for 230V/800W. Both the engine coil and electricalheater are located at bottom of the unit, which means that the entirecontents will be heated. A safety valve and a thermostat-mixing valveis supplied as standard on the part numbers ending 003. The Isotemp‘Slim’ range is also supplied with strong, adjustable fixing brackets,a cable with plug for 230(115)V and all appropriate connections.Isotemp “Slim” may be installed both in vertical or horizontal position.

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